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  Nikolay N.

Nikolay N.

This is an absolutely stunning tour! Elisa asked me to name the favourite part of the tour and I could not, because every part was very special. I have been in many areas of Buenos Aires before and some non-tourist areas too so I was not sure that I could be surprised, but I was. Selection of places is really great since they are different and one does not get bored at all, e.g. residential area of Caballito which feels more like Europe (except dog poo which is Buenos Aires classic of course! haha!), an unexpectedly dynamic market with very local feel, the most beautiful church in BA which surprisingly stands in the middle of quite ordinary area, barber’s shop is a real time machine and tango salon is just bizarre. Let alone that Elisa is a very intersting storyteller. Defiinitely recommended!

Maxim C.

If you want to see a less touristy side of Buenos Aires, guided by a local person from the area, this tour is for you. Caballito is very interesting area filled with many gems that we would never discover by ourselves, as it’s quite off the beaten path. Elisa possesses a wealth of knowledge about the lifestyle of local people, as well as the history of this neighborhood. We also found her to be a very personable and clear presenter. I would absolutely recommend taking a tour with her – if we are ever back in Buenos Aires we would certainly do so again.

Jane S.
Jane S. for Hidden Treasures of Buenos Aires

This is the 2nd walking tour that I took with Elisa & as before, she was great – very knowledgeable & full of insights & historical facts of the places visited, the underlying events & people from the past that made the sites interesting & notable. Again, I had the privilege of her undivided attention (since I visited BA in May, it was a relatively low season for tourism) & she was very patient & good jumpers in answering all my questions – even rangrntial questions that were not directly related to the tour! The 3+ hours I spent in her company was well worth any number of hours Iight have spent trying to read up & visit the sites on my own. I highly recommend Elisa’s walking tours – they are enlightening, fun, insightful & well-paced. I certainly hope to revisit BA and take her other tours next time!

Jane S.
Jane S. for Caballito Trough the Ages

Elisa was wonderful & very knowledgeable as a guide, sharing insights on not only the history and interesting past events of the area visited but also weaving them into the present day context. I had the pleasure & privilege of her undivided attention and greatly enjoyed an insider’s view of parts of BA that were off the tourist track e.g. the milonga was one of the highlights of the tour for me ! I’d highly recommend this to anyone !

Meg M.
Meg M. for for Caballito Trough the Ages

Elisa was fabulous! Our three hours with her gave us a wonderful glimpse into Buenos Aires, its history and people. We were early… she was already there & we started right in. In addition to being willing to share her city, she’s an experienced traveler and fluent in English. She’s chosen sites off the beaten track that even other Argentinians might overlook, she’s done her research, and we stepped right through closed or locked doors we would never have braved to enter. If we had more time, we’d do more of her tours!

Jonathan L.

Jonathan L.  for In the Footsteps of Dictators

I am a student from the United States studying human rights so I am specifically interested in history related to dictators. Elisa is very knowledgeable about Jorge Rafael Videla and the atrocities he committed in Argentina. I recommend this tour not only because she is professional, kind, and educated on the topic, but also because it is beneficial to go beyond the class room to see first hand where these human rights violations took place. By doing so I have become more passionate about human rights. Cheers. Jonathan Lampe

Ruth H.
Ruth H. for Jewels Off the Beaten Path

If you want to experience Buenos Aires a very different way from the tour books, try Jewels off the Beaten Path. Elisa will show you The Abasto Mall where there is a kosher McDonalds and beautiful architecture. You will feel the real pulse and “feel” of the city as you walk with Elisa and see the neighborhood of Carlos Gardel, the King of Tango. The best is that Elisa really knows her city and she is always learning more about Buenos Aires! Her talk is not a talk she gives by memory but by love!At the end of your “experience” you will really have a feel for this amazing city.

Ruth H.
Ruth H. for Caballito Through the Ages

Walking around the Caballito with Elisa makes you feel like you are part of Buenos Aires and not a tourist. Walking in the market place and eating empanadas made in front of your eyes, seeing the cathedral where Pope Francis was baptized, going to a tango club where the real locals go, and see the beautiful, quiet streets of the English District just immerses you in the flavor of the area that Elisa loves and wants you to love. Elisa is a wonderful guide because she loves her city and shows you things that the tourist does not usually see. Elisa is full of knowledge and is constantly expanding that knowledge. Time just flew by and left us wishing for even more!!

Chris C.
Chris C.  for  Caballito Through the Ages

As someone who has traveled to Buenos Aires over 10 times in the past 10 years, I know a LOT about BsAs. That being said, I also recognize that this is a huge and dense city, and it would be arrogant to assume one person could ever really get to know this amazing City comprehensively. Plus it changes all the time 😉 The great thing about Elisa’s tour is that it incorporates elements about the past & present in such a way that begin to see the continuity between them. And perhaps a glimpse into what comes next. First of all, Elisa has an amazingly friendly personality, so you quickly become very comfortable with her, as if you have known her for a much longer time. This allows you to relax and focus on what she is telling you. Secondly, Elisa is incredibly passionate about her little Caballito corner of BA 🙂 I quickly got caught up in her energy and stories and had a blast exploring a part of BA that I knew almost nothing about. I came away from this tour much richer in knowledge about the history of Buenos Aires… and a huge appreciation for Caballito and its role in the grand story of the City. I would certainly recommend this tour to anyone who wants to get a little more off the beaten path in BA. Maybe plan this tour to coincide with some leather shopping in the nearby neighborhood of Villa Crespo! Thanks for an amazing tour, Elisa!


Our tour with Eliza was the highlight of our stage in Buenos Aires. We went on her ‘hidden treasures’ and had a great time, learned a lot. During 3 hours we were walking through some of the most interesting buildings in the capital and learning a lot of cool stuff that we would have not been able to do ourselves alones. She is very passionate about her city and its architectural jewels and knows how to transmit her passion to people around. I really recommend spending some time with her in any of the tours she offers.

Jack C.
Jack C. for In the Footsteps of Dictators

This tour was an incredible experience. Elisa is compassionate but uncompromising in her pursuit and remembrance of this history. She told us many, many personal stories of growing up under the dictatorship, which really helped connect this often-overlooked period with Argentina as it exists today. If you are socially conscious, and have a thoughtful relationship to your humanity, I wholeheartedly recommend spending an afternoon with Elisa.

Nick W.

This is a fun little tour that shows you some great buildings you’d never otherwise see, particularly the Milonga which is quirky as hell and the church Pope Francis was baptised in as a boy which is the most awe-inspiring we’ve ever seen! Elisa is really friendly and incredibly knowledgeable, a lovely lady. It is a walking tour so no tango shoes and fellas if you need a hair cut Elisa has the perfect barber shop for you….Recomended.

Antwerp, Belgium
Reviewed February 20, 2015

We took the tour about ‘Caballito’ with Elisa. This was amazing! I stayed 7 days in Buenos Aires and this was absolutely my best dayx Elisa is very friendly and shows you hidden gems you will never find alone! She also takes you on the subway and explsins how to get everywhere, which is great for you next days in BA to save taxi money!
Elisa helps you with other peoblems too, she helped us to buy tockets for the omnibus and gave us alust with all good restaurants in BA!



Buenos Aires, Distrito Federal, Argentina
“Great non touristic tour”
5 of 5 starsReviewed September 9, 2013

I took the free tour early this morning and I loved it. Elisa was a great guide and gave us a lot of information that we would not usually get in a regular tour.

We also got to visit a very typical neighborhood that we would not otherwise get to known.

If you are looking for something outside the box this tour is for you.

Highly recommend it!

Visited September 2013
Buenos Aires, Argentina
“Perfect mix of Bs. As. life”
5 of 5 starsReviewed July 30, 2013

I am so happy that I decided to take this tour with Elisa. She was a wonderful, enthusiastic tour guide. Even though I was the only person to show up for the tour, she gave me the entire tour by myself, which I was very impressed by. Her tour was the perfect mix of Buenos Aires culture, as I refer to in the title of this review. She showed me a book market, a beautiful church (just one!), a famous coffee show, a pulperia (gaucho hang out), and a tango club where I am planning on taking classes in the future. Overall just a wonderful experience that I would recommend to any visitor to Buenos Aires with a free Monday morning.

Visited July 2013
Mia H.
Mia H.  for In the Footsteps of Dictators

This is my second trip to Buenos Aires and this tour has been by far the most memorable, worthwhile activity I’ve done. I can’t speak highly enough of Elisa. Many people here won’t, or can’t, talk about the dictatorship, but Elisa told me incredible and harrowing stories about her own life, family and friends as well as explaining the backdrop of Buenos Aires in the late seventies/early eighties. Elisa brought photos, documents, audio testimonies, explained the murals and answered any question I had. For anyone who is interested in history, politics, culture, or or for those who want to learn about the darker, hidden side of Buenos Aires, or for an ‘off the beaten track’ activity, this tour is unmissable, and is a lot more personal and informative than a visit to the ex-ESMA. 10/10 – Brilliant.

Buenos Aires, Argentina
“un tour unico y completo!”   Reviewed September 8, 2013
Vengo de Francia y estudio en Buenos Aires en programa de intercambio. Hice el tour del Caballito y fue super interesante! Historia, arquitectura, trucos insolitos, costumbres… aprendi mucho en 3 horas, sobre un barrio que mucha gente portena o extranjera no conoce bien! Los guias como el recorrido me encantaron, pasé un muy buen tiempo. Recomando vivamente el otro porteno, y probaré el tour de Belgrano muy pronto!


Visited September 2013

Michael T.

Michael T. for Caballito Through the Ages

Elisa was a wonderful tour guide. Gave a very personalized tour that went through non-tourist areas of Buenos Aires. She was very knowledgeable with the area. It was a fantastic way to spend our afternoon. I would 100% recommend tours through her again.

Patrick C.
Patrick C. for Jewels Off the Beaten Path

Having been lucky enough to do three of Elisa´s tours I can´t recommend her highly enough. This tour is great to see a unique part of Buenos Aires´ history and especially become acquainted with the famous Carlos Gardel! I feel that after doing Elisa´s tours that I have seen the “real” Buenos Aires and had the bonus of being able to discuss differrent topics with a native Porteño! 5 stars!

Patrick C.
Patrick C. for Hidden Treasures of Buenos Aires

This is a great tour to do to get a local´s insight in to the micro centre of Buenos Aires. Elisa has an in depth knowledge of the country´s history and shows unique places and provides the history & stories to go with it. She showed me places I walked past and had no idea of what waited inside. Can´t recommend enough! Dante´s Building and the Revolutionary´s bar were personal favourites!

Patrick C.
Patrick C. for Caballito Through the Ages

I give this tour 5/5 stars. I was lucky enough to have a one on one tour with Elisa. She was extremely flexible and accommodating with arranging the tour. The experience takes in local treasures and Elisa is a wealth of knowledge with regard to the history. I would recommend this tour to anyone who would like to experience the non tourist side of Buenos Aires life!

Jim M.
Jim M. for In the Footsteps of Dictators

Over the years, I have been fortunate to have traveled to many places in the world and have had my share of tours. I have always looked for those chances to get a better understanding of the country I am visiting, its people and culture. So, I seek out Off the Beaten Path opportunities ….not the obvious tourist attractions. And, as the former President & CEO of a small company in the US, I understand the importance of customer service, knowledge and respect. My tour, “In the Footsteps of Dictators” was led by Elisa who was not only professional and personable, but someone who shared what it was like to live thru that dark period in Argentina’s history. More importantly, I found out that she leads other Off the Beaten Path tours sharing the hidden gems of Buenos Aires, places you would never see on a generic tour and stories you might never hear. She is the Go To person for those who are looking to experience the real Buenos Aires.

Victor J.
Victor J. for Hidden Treasures of Buenos Aires

Este fue mi segundo tour que reservé con Elisa después de “Caballito…” y lo disfruté mucho igualmente porque plantea un interesante recorrido arquitectónico por la Avenida de Mayo y lugares aledaños y nos dirige la mirada hacia edificios que quizá pasaran desapercibidos para nosotros y nos da también la posibilidad de entrar en muchos de ellos para descubrir los detalles arquitectónicos al tiempo que nos habla sobre las costumbres y la historia de Buenos Aires a finales del siglo XIX y principios del XX.

Victor J.
Victor J. for Caballito Through the Ages

Me encantó este tour por el barrio de Caballito, pasear por sus calles llenas de historia y descubrir lugares extraordinarios pero que las guías turísticas suelen pasar por alto. Elisa tiene un conocimiento profundo sobre su ciudad y no hay pregunta que quede sin respuesta. Además, por el hecho de ser un tour privado hace que puedas demorarte más o menos en los lugares sin ningún tipo de apremio por su parte. Sin ninguna duda un paseo para recomendar a todos los que visiten Buenos Aires.

Howard B.
Howard B. for Hidden Treasures of Buenos Aires

As someone who has led historical walking tours in his own home town, I can tell you that Elisa really knows her stuff. Doing this kind of tour well requires many, many skills, and Elisa’s good at all of them. She has a love of history and architecture (and how they intertwine), and she communicates her love of Buenos Aires well. Taking one of her tours is like ambling around town with a friend, rather than a tour guide. On this tour especially, you’ll see sights that most tourists don’t see, because on most tours, you can’t wander in and out of buildings without causing a fuss. Elisa’s tours were the best part of our visit to BA.


I would like to start by saying if you have time, I highly recommend anyone do all the 3 tours that Elisa offers. They are all so different, incredibly interesting and most importantly give you a fantastic overview of different periods in history – from the gauchos’ gatherings and local markets and birth of tango, via Art Nouveau that touched the architecture of Buenos Aires in the 20’s-30’s and all the way to the recent tragic events of the 1976-1983 dictatorship period. I attended all three and they were the highlight of my trip to Argentina/ Buenos Aires. I found Elisa incredibly well read and educated as well as very passionate. More specifically to this tour. You will spend around 3 hours in one part of the city (you will be amazed how central it is considering what was going on there!….). So unlike the other tours Elisa offers – where we walked a lot – this one is “centred” around this one site (so a good idea to combine it with one of the other 2 if you are thinking of doing 2 tours in a day). Given how recent this slice of history is, it really is important one learns about it if you want a full picture of the make up of Argentina today. And what a better way to learn about it than from a local who lived through it ?!….. I appreciated very much the personal account of certain events Elisa and her family lived through and what an honour to have an opportunity to learn about it all first hand from such a passionate, interesting, educated lady! Come prepared with some questions – Elisa is a rich source of knowledge about her beloved country!

 “Corners of BA you will never see otherwise” 5 of 5 stars

Toronto, Canada

My friend and I took the regular Monday morning Caballito tour and privately-arranged “Dictators” tour with Elisa. She is fantastic – very knowledgeable and passionate about history and Buenos Aires. Both tours took us to areas of BA we NEVER would have found on our own, and certainly never would have explored as well without a professional guide. The pace, content, and duration of were very well thought out – and laced with her own appropriate anecdotes and analysis. We were never bored or distracted for a minute – not one instant. The Dictators tour in particular was very moving. It focused on a former prison and torture centre but reviewed the whole history of the brutal 1976-1983 military junta. I HIGHLY recommend it.

Visited January 2014
Astoria, New York
5 of 5 stars
Reviewed October 26, 2013

The next day I went on Elisa’s tour of Caballito. Again it was just the two of us plus the same second tourist from yesterday (hi, Yas!). This tour feels a bit more “professional”, but in the best sense. Elisa really knows her stuff and has assembled a fun list of sights to visit, again in a place that tourists often don’t make it to. She came across as extremely knowledgeable and excited to share her expertise. She mentioned that she does a few other tours with another group which I’m sorry I never got the time to check out.

I highly, highly recommend you give both tours a chance. It’s a great chance to learn more about the city than you would using an ordinary itinerary. I also prefer the specific to the general, so the litany of interesting and fun details I learned here was especially rewarding. Not only that, but you really get a sense of the people of Buenos Aires and what everyday life is like there. Honestly, these would be a lot of fun for locals as well. Unless you live in those two neighborhoods, a lot of it is going to be new to you as well.

Visited October 2013
Berlin, Germany
“Caballito – truely an “El Otro Porteño” experience”
5 of 5 starsReviewed October 13, 2013

In three months staying in a city you get to know it pretty well by first exploring the main sights that the guide books tell you and eventually walking off the beaten track and finding your own way around. The third option – and this is where El Otro Porteño steps into the field – is to learn the secrets of a city from the locals, daily life through their eyes. My first experience with Ariel in his barrio of Belgrano was a really nice one so I gladly took part in the Caballito tour a couple of weeks later in June with Elisa. From her I not only learned much about history and architecture and characters of the quarter but also saw one of my favorite tango locations (La Catedral) for the first (and last) time in daylight. Distinto! All in all – 100 % great experience and recommendation for El Otro Porteño. Muchas gracias, Ariel y Elisa, suerte y besos de Berlín, Simone.

Visited June 2013

Santiago, Chile
 “Great tour in Caballito”
5 of 5 starsReviewed July 23, 2013

Although that I personally knew the neighborhood before, I had no idea about its history. Elisa, the guide, showed us interesting places of the area and with old pictures of it, explaining us the history with a lot of details. My favourite spot was the real tango place, which is really mind-blowing.

Visited July 2013
Belo Horizonte, MG
“Amazing tour in Caballito”
5 of 5 starsReviewed June 18, 2013

I’ve been in Buenos Aires for a 5-day trip, on the first two I got to know most of the touristic sites, but I wanted to see a place not made for tourists. The tour to Caballito filled that desire. The guide, Elisa, tell us about history, architecture and some stories about the buildings and argentinian traditions. For me, the greatest spots were the Church of Caacupé (which is very beautiful and we can’t tell by the outside), the Confeitaria Las Violetas, and the completely inovative Tango place, where people go to dance and to learn Tango. If you want to see a different aspect os Buenos Aires, this tour is tottaly recommended.

Visited June 2013
Lima, Peru
Excelente…Muy Bueno…Lo recomiendo a ojos cerrados”
5 of 5 starsReviewed September 21, 2015
Tomé tres tours, Elisa es una excelente guía, sabe demasiado sobre la historia de Buenos Aires, me respondió todas y cada una de las preguntas que le hice. Fuimos por sitio realmente interesantes y que no están incluidos en los circuitos turísticos clásicos. Particularmente la experiencia me resultó muy buena. Visitamos los barrios de Caballito, Almagro. Tomé un tour que me pareció genial sobre la dictadura (a los que les interesa el tema deben de tomarlo si o si ya que nadie hace una visita de este tipo)
Visited September 2015
Wynn T.
Wynn T. for Caballito Through the Ages

I’d been to Buenos Aires only a year before so my second trip here I wanted to be able to do an in-depth look into the neighborhoods, rather than just see the big sites. Elisa and her Caballito tour were PERFECT for this. My 5 friends and I had our very own private tour with her and so we really got to ask those questions we’d been wanting to ask the few days we’d been in the city already. We were a group that was super interested in history and Elisa was very happy to answer all of our questions, even if they didn’t have anything to do with Caballito. The tour itself was great because we got to see things we never would have had we been wandering ourselves. The highlights were the market and the Barber Shop — and we also loved that we got to take a local bus because we wouldn’t have known how to do it ourselves!

Lucy O.
Lucy O. for  Caballito Through the Ages

It’s a fascinating tour of an area you might not go to otherwise. This is the part of town where Elisa lives so she knows it really well. She is extremely generous with her time and knowledge and I really enjoyed spending time with her.

Lucy O.
Lucy O. for Jewels Off the Beaten Path

It was fascinating discovering buildings and other features of Buenos Aires that I would never have found on my own. Elisa is very knowledgeable and passionate about her city and I had a great time. I even went back on my own to one of the places she took me to take another look.

Salama A.
Salama A. for Hidden Treasures of Buenos Aires

Me and my friend enjoyed the tour with Elisa very much. It was one of the most exciting things we did in BA. It was like watching history documentary . Elisa was also helpful guide in what and where to get other things in BA. I would definitely recommend this tour to everyone visiting BA. Salama From Oman

Bruce M.
Bruce M. for Hidden Treasures of Buenos Aires

We loved this walking tour. It was informative and we got to see things we had just passed by on the Hop On Hop Off bus. Elisa was friendly, easy to understand and knew interesting stories about the history of buildings in BA. She was open to questions about Argentine politics, both current and past. I definitely would recommend this tour early in your stay in BA.

Michael T.

Elisa was a wonderful tour guide. Gave a very personalized tour that went through non-tourist areas of Buenos Aires. She was very knowledgeable with the area. It was a fantastic way to spend our afternoon. I would 100% recommend tours through her again.

Jennifer H.

Warm, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and kind — Elisa gives a wonderful tour of a neighborhood that is not on the tourist radar but has very interesting sights/sites. She has researched the history of Buenos Aires and how Caballito developed from a gaucho crossroads and cattle station into a summer place for the rich and now a thriving “real” neighborhood of Porteños. The result is a tour in which you are shown how bits of the old district still exist in the new city: a lovely market, great neighborhood architecture, a beautiful Belle Epoque cafe, a quirky milonga, and other spots that only locals know about. Enjoyed this tour very much. Learned a lot, walked a lot, laughed a lot. Elisa was a great guide and has put together an experience you could not have on your own. Highly recommended for those interested in architecture, culture, and conversation to gain an understanding of the real Buenos Aires and its people. Thank you, Elisa.

Mike S.

Elisa is an excellent, friendly guide through this interesting and unusual part of Buenos Aires. You see some great stuff you wouldn’t otherwise see. She knows her history and you learn a lot. Definitely recommended!

Daniel M.

“A Must Do in Buenos Aires!” Fascinating! If you love off the beaten track, and discovering hidden gems, then this is the tour you want! What more can I say, the tour is amazing and a nice surprise!!! It is very special because it is given by a local in that neighborhood! Elisa really does put her heart and soul into the tour and it shows! She is very enthusiastic, very friendly and very knowledgeable. It was a different type of tour and I have to say, it was the best walking tour I have ever been on. Actually a couple other attendees said the same thing. Other tours are just all the usual touristy places. These are not your typical tourist sites and I wouldn’t have found these places myself because they are not mentioned in any guidebooks. She explains so much about the local culture and history but not in a way that like most tours. She doesn’t just tell you a list of facts, she actually explains things in a way that is interesting and you can tell the knowledge has come from passion of the subject. Great guide!! Great tour!!!

Patricia G.

Cool! TAKE THIS TOUR! Elisa, was very passionate about providing the best tour; she takes you to places you probably would not known exist. This is not an area that tourists usually get to see though it is very interesting. It was a real privilege to get to see this neighborhood that became more alive with anecdotes on past and present. And she seems to know everybody there and has access to all sort of secret and incredible places. AMAZING! I really recommend “Caballito through the Ages” tour to all the people that want to go beyond the simple touristy attractions. I highly encourage everyone to give this tour a chance … you won’t be disappointed Actually, I did 3 tours with Elisa and they were all amazing . I would highly recommend her tours to anyone!

Matt C.

My wife, daughter (8 years old), and I were lucky enough to spend an entire day with Elisa during the Christmas holiday taking both tours she offers. We were not disappointed — all the insights of the previous reviews regarding the unique things you see are all accurate, but the comments really haven’t truly captured the level of effort and preparation Elisa puts into her tours. She really does care about showing you only the most relevant, interesting things, and she was careful to work with us prior to our trip to make sure we let her know our expectations for the day and our schedule. The Caballito trip is a really special trip, something that you really would never be able to do in a limited time frame without somebody with the level of expertise that Elisa possesses. She is an engaging, energetic and knowledgeable guide with a real passion for the tour she’s assembled. We’ve taken many tours, and this is really one that will always be remembered. This is the tour you need to take in Buenos Aires if you have time for just one unique experience — one of a kind!!!

Leland H.

I highly recommend this tour! Elisa knows this charming and full-of-life neighborhood intimately. And it shows! First up, she places this overlooked neighborhood in its historical perspective (what is the Caballito, anyway?). And then… Around every corner, or so it seems, is a new surprise, a new mystery revealed. You will stop and marvel at places that even most residents pass by. Elisa will peel back detail after detail, until each comes alive with a delightful insight. Equally important, you’ll get to meet some of the coolest barbers and shop owners ever! Even the more well known sites along the tour take a star-turn — Elisa knows the best vantage points for the perfect photo op — and if you want to linger awhile, don’t worry — this is your tour and, because Elisa only books small parties, you can linger all you want. One of the best parts for me was the conversations we had. Elisa knows a ton, but she’s also very open to new and different perspectives. Again, because the tour group is purposely small, there’s plenty of room for questions and a lively back and forth. This is not your typical “hurry-hurry” tour. By the time you finish, you will not only have fallen in love with Caballito, you’ll also have some indelible memories. Incredible! Just remember to wear your best walking shoes…


Thoroughly enjoyed my tour with Elisa!! In fact so much so that I booked a second tour the very next day . Elisha is a true professional . Engaging , interesting and with a passion and enthusiasm for what she does that’s infectious !! She knows her history and also understands what to show us to keep our interest . All the best sites but also a great peek at things off the beaten path that give you a truer sense of the true culture and way of life in BA !!! Had to buy her flowers as thanks at end . Elisa you made my visit so much more enjoyable and interesting – thank you again !! Rob

Matt C.

My family (wife, daughter (8 y/o) and me) took this tour with Elisa in combination with her Caballito tour. However, these are definitely different tours, so don’t think you’re getting “more of the same” if you combine both in one day. As advertised, this tour focuses heavily on some of the more interesting architectural aspects of one of Buenos Aires’ most prominent avenues, and unlike the Caballito tour, which really takes you into a unique “non-touristy” part of the city, this tour really does reveal a lot of “hidden treasures” which are out of the plain sight one might see taking the typical tourist bus or standard downtown walking tour. Strange doors are opened, odd hallways are approached, and your temptation to “look around the corner” is met with Elisa at the helm. It would be a challenge to meet another guide as well prepared as Elisa, and her knowledge comes through both in conversation and in the level of detail she spends in making sure your experience really is unique. In fact, when she learned our young daughter (8 years old) was coming along with us on the tour, Elisa went out of her way to find yet another hidden treasure in the form of a doll exhibit at a local museum — she even went to see the exhibit before taking us! Buenos Aires is a city with wonderful architecture, and this tour is a great way to help bring an even greater level of detail and understanding. Highly recommended!

Leland H.

Go ahead, take the tour bus if you must. And then take this tour to find out what you missed! Elisa has searched out many of the absolute best architectural gems of downtown Buenos Aires — classic buildings from a golden age, some of them only recently restored, some on their way to restoration — all of them in a league of their own. And the stories she can tell — these jewels come alive with a back story that sometimes defies description! I am particularly thinking of a very tall building with the most fascinating history. I experienced it twice. Once on the tour bus — it was “quick take a look, oops, we have to move on.” Something about an Italian poet, I think… And once more with Elisa. As she layered on the details of the building’s history, and its complex relation to the poet Dante, it got more and more fantastic — an insight not only into the building itself but the Latin American imagination. Just as enlightening were our stops at several confiterias — places where porteños pass the time over coffee and conversation. Of course, you can do that, too… And this makes all the difference! On Elisa’s tour, you are not part of a herd, but an intimate group of new-found friends. Highly recommended.

Patricia G.

A very interesting and imaginative tour of downtown B.A. From the moment the guide started talking, she was captivating with all of her knowledge. We couldn’t have asked for more. The tour was extremely informative and entertaining. Overall the experience was amazing! Elisa limits the number of guests to 6 to keep the intimacy and the proximity with their guest and it’s a great way to ask question and learn more about the city. She told us many great stories about the origins of Buenos Aires and answered all my questions. Also, she really knows her business and she is so enthusiastic about arts and history. If you want a real tour of hidden gems in downtown Buenos Aires, with someone experienced in the culture and history of Argentina, then take this tour. Go on a tour with Elisa and you’ll have an energetic, personable native Argentine taking you around. I went on three tours with her. Charisma and attention to detail define her tours. All are excellent in their own unique way. Just great!! And I would have done more if she had offered even more experiences. Thank you for providing such a fantastic opportunity to see a different side of Buenos Aires!


Not knowing where to start and with the many places to visit and things to do in this fantastic city, I was happy to find out that there is a tour of downtown Buenos Aires. Little did I know, that booking this tour, turned out to be one of the best decisions I made that day. This is a tour for those who like to explore touristic spots and secret spots, too. I don’t like all walking tours – but I LOVED this one. What made all the difference is: 1) there is no way you could enter and visit these buildings if you are doing a tour with a big group (this one is a small group tour). 2) I visited so many gorgeous, incredible, unique places that I would have certainly missed them if I had tried to see downtown B.A on my own. 3) The Avenue we walked along is considered the best architecture walk in Buenos Aires 4) And of course, is the storytelling ability of the guide. Elisa is super nice, very knowledgeable, passionate, well informed and accommodating. The insightful historical stories, anecdotes and information she tells are great! And they come from a local’s perspective and a local’s perspective really enhances the experience. This tour is so amazing! You will certainly see and learn something that is not in any guidebook. So yes, if you are in Buenos Aires and want to do a great tour, this is the one!

Daniel M.

Loved “Hidden Treasures of B.A.” walking tour! Our guide rocked! The tour was unforgettable and interesting for the whole time! I would not have discovered half of what I did on my own. The tour groups are also very small making the experience even more personal It’s not some stuffy tour with a bunch of bored tour guides. Our guide was funny, charming and full of interesting information and great stories. Love this tour! I was intrigued not only by the architecture of our tour but by the volume of knowledge that Elisa shared with us. Elisa is so full of local knowledge which can’t be replicated by the big tour companies. And not only did she know a lot about her city but we could all tell that she loved her city and enjoyed sharing it with us. She also showed us beautiful and eloquent buildings, ones I would never have known were there but now I know would be devastated if I had missed. She is passionate, super nice guide very charismatic, opinionated and lively. She is the best guides ever!! If you want to get to discover and all kinds of secrets, gorgeous places ands see the Buenos Aires that Porteños keep for themselves, then book this amazing tour of a lifetime!

Patricia G.

Unforgettable experience! My experience with Elisa was incredible! And I couldn’t have asked for anything more. She shared some of her personal experiences as a local Argentine, making the trip even more insightful. She was amazing, really professional and knew a lot about the dictatorships in Latin America as well as all the ex-clandestine centers in Argentina. I had a great tour and I learned a lot. I have a much deeper sense of the character of Buenos Aires and its inhabitants both present and past. This tour is also for people who like art because the paintings are amazing! Her interest and love of Argentine history and its culture brings to light interesting stories that have long since been forgotten. She explained the history of all the stops by giving a detailed background to what was happening in Buenos Aires at the time. I think this tour is a must in Buenos Aires and I would definitely recommend it.

Chris S.

We spent the morning with Elise on the Caballito tour in BA. It was a fun way to see a part of BA we would not normally go. THis was our thrid time in BA and we wanted something different. The tour had some intersting stops with the highlight being the subway ride on a wooden subway and a visit to a tango place that was really old and interesting. No tango dancing going on in the morning but the place was really interesting….

Julian L.

“An Awesome, Meaningful Experience and an Absolute Must Do on your visit to Buenos Aires” What a wonderfully delightful time! I absolutely loved it. Elisa is incredibly knowledgeable gained from extensive research that she will share with you in such an entertaining way that you won’t even realize how much information you are soaking up. She is an exceptional guide, engaging, professional and very friendly, and has a passion for the history she imparts. She really enjoys giving the tour. She introduced me to a Buenos Aires that I had never seen. What I learned was amazing and far more than I expected. Who knew that the European immigrants made such a contribution to Argentinian’s art. This terrific walking tour was culturally enriching, very educational, the sites were captivating and most importantly a memorable experience of a lifetime. I am forever appreciative. You also get to some parts of the city that aren’t on the standard tourist routes. (BA is just so large!). Above and beyond anything else, the information I received from this tour helped me to understand the culture of BA; the flavor of the city. This was one of the most interesting tour and I have ever done. My only wish is that it would be longer…. I could’ve listened to her all day It was just amazing to listen and learn as Elisa vividly narrated delightful historical facts told in entertaining stories you’ve never learned in any history class. You will have a number of “aha’ moments as you learn the whys and hows the palaces were built. I have taken all of Elisa’s tours and they all exceeded my expectations. I explored BA like you would not believe. I encourage anyone visiting BA to include them in your itinerary. Don’t hesitate! . I Highly recommend them .She always takes you to the most amazing places, she takes her time to answer your questions with a smile and takes into consideration each person’s particular interest. I was also allotted time to stop for photo ops! Before, I always told folks, “You have not experienced Buenos Aires until you have watched tango dancers, sipped wine and eat beef”, I now amend that statement to say, “You have not fully experienced Buenos Aires until you have taken Elisa’s tours. I truly enjoyed spending the three hours with her. Don’t miss this tour. It is fantastic!!!


This was a fantastic tour and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to visit an area of the city that you wouldn’t normally see as a tourist but still get to see some interesting places. Elisa’s tours are the best things I have done in Buenos Aires. Elisa is a great guide, friendly, engaging and approachable. And she spoke great English. This tour is tailored to your pace and interests as you will get the perspectives, information, and history that are most interesting to you reveled through a local’s eye. It is full of fun and very interesting insights. I learned a lot more about the city, food, culture and people of Buenos Aires. This is something that not many people can say they have done, so if you are looking for something like this while in Buenos Aires, I would say go for it! I was certainly very pleased. Thanks for an awesome tour!

Julian L.

This was one of my favorite things I did in Buenos Aires. If you just take a city tour you will miss this different and enjoyable area of the city since it is not in the touristic circuit. You could tell that nothing was “prepared” for the tourists. I was so lucky that no other people were joining me, so it was like a “private” walking tour. Elisa was fantastic, engaging, enthusiastic, sweet, energetic and friendly. She was very familiar with the area and had extensive knowledge of it. She told me interesting stories/history and anecdotes too that made the tour educational and fun at the same time. It was an excellent opportunity to talk about the history and the culture of Buenos Aires. Especially she was a treasure trove of information and gladly responded to all queries in a straightforward, honest manner and made the whole tour interactive. The barber shop, bar and living museum was amazing! Never imagined a museum could be so much fun and at the same time so informative. I was pleasantly surprised by this little gem. I was delighted with the coffee house, the historical market and the other places not mentioned in the description of the tour. I also gained interesting insight into the origins of the English District. The tour took about 3 hours though she said she could take longer as she was flexible to accommodate the needs and questions I might have. It was like having a local friend to show you around. Also, the perfect amount of walking and the dynamic of the tour made the three hours fly by. This will probably be some of the best 3 hours you spend in Buenos Aires! It is definitely a don’t miss experience. I had a great time on this tour.


Jessica W.

Elisa was a lovely tour guide. She grew up in the city and knows it well. Her English was very good. She’s well-traveled and could discuss the history and current events of Buenos Aires. She was very flexible to the group’s needs and interests. We had an unplanned coffee break, because we hadn’t had much sleep the night before, and Elisa was happy to accommodate us.


Amazing Tour! First Elisa is a wonderful, interesting guide. Her research and knowledge shows through in her narration. She is a delight! We were a family of 6 adults and actually did 2 of Elisa’s tours back to back one day. This tour gave us a chance to immerse ourselves in historic neighborhoods. We enjoyed hearing the stories of buildings/areas and then being able to go INSIDE and get a feel for the history there. Elisa had old photos for many of the places so we could appreciate how the area once looked and see the changes in front of us. We loved the market, the church of Pope Francis was beautiful, the cafe and the tango milonga were such a treat to visit. Also the barbershop was so interesting and the owner is a character! …

Laurence A.
Laurence A.  for Jewels Off the Beaten Path

Very nice tour with Elisa. We’ve had an off the records insight of Buenos Aires with a glimpse of History. She’s walked us to places that not all tourists go to . Thanks

Laurence A.
Laurence A.  for In the Footsteps of Dictators

Fantastic tour. Much original on a very unknown and maybe hidden part of Argentinian history. Elisa’ s explanations were documented, passionate and insightful with her own family memories to illustrate. Highly recommended.


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