In Buenos Aires there are private taxis which are unmarked cars called a Remise. Remises look like regular cars and don’t have meters.

They offer a very personalized service and are used by many locals instead of taxis.  They work on a point to point rate so often they work out cheaper than cabs as the clock is not ticking in traffic.  These cars & drivers can be hired for airport pick ups and drop offs. They can also be hired to drive long distances.

I would recommend you use them to pick you up on arrival at Ezeiza airport.

You can contact This is a good company, a trusted car and driver service Co. which is fully licensed and insured.


  • Fuss-free private transfer from Ezeiza International Airport to your Buenos Aires hotel. Private transfers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and coincide with your       flight’s departure.
  • Door-to-door service with professional driver
  • Comfortable seats with generous leg room, air conditioning and luggage storage

Low flat rates for airport pick-ups:  USDollars  65 (one car)

Rates includes tolls, parking fees, telephone usage (local calls only) and waiting time.

Transfer from your hotel to Ezeiza Airport:  USDollars 55 (one car)

Rates includes tolls.