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Discover the architectural jewels of Buenos Aires outside of published guidebooks and traditional highlights that most tourists miss!

In this distinctive walking tour, first, we will connect some unique spots that are not in the touristic circuit. Then, you will enjoy discovering the jewels of a neighborhood (not listed in guidebooks) that you would never have the opportunity to explore without knowing a local.

We will visit the following:

The second most-beautiful book shop in the world: an old theater that was converted into a book shop. A prominent British periodical named it second in its 2008 list of the World’s Ten Best Bookshops. Just stepping inside this former grand theater will take your breath away.

A massive Victorian structure that many people stop and look at in wonder: A fantastic palace of more than 300,000 lustrous, multicolored tiles and glazed and enamel bricks.

An incredible large shopping mall that used to be the city’s central wholesale fruit and vegetable market. The original art deco building & structure remain largely untouched.

Impressive buildings with a variety of architectural styles (including art nouveau).

The area of Carlos Gardel – the most famous tango singer in history-: House facades and shops covered in “fileteado” artwork. A creative art, one-of-a-kind, full of vivid colored ornaments and symmetries that became a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The style of painting associated with Buenos Aires that has much to do with tango and that has been part of the culture of the Porteños (inhabitants of Buenos Aires) since the beginnings of the 20th century.

Carlos Gardel museum (closed on Tuesdays): The chorizo (sausage) style house where he lived.

Also, expect to view creative street art and murals painted by local artists, a tango clothes and shoes store,  etc. for a most memorable experience.

No visit to Buenos Aires would be complete without a visit to these fabulous places.


People who like architecture,  art, culture.

People who want to learn about Buenos Aires history.




This Buenos Aires walking tour includes uncommonly visited city landmarks that deviate from your typical tourist locations. Because we enter several buildings that we visit, you will get an extra personal experience of each place that most large walking tours won’t be able to offer.

Availability: Tours run every day (except on some holidays). On Monday through Saturday the tour starts on or after 10:00 a.m; on Sundays, it starts on or after 12:00 p.m.  Booking ahead is required.

Duration: 2½ hours (approximately)


Small-group tour: US$30 p/p

Private tour: US$45 p/p (minimum of 2 people are required to book a private tour)

Meet:  We will meet at a street corner in Recoleta neighborhood: Santa Fe Avenue 1780 (corner of Callao Ave. and Santa Fe Ave.) outside the McDonald’s.

To get to the meeting point you can take a taxi or subway line “D” (green color). If you take the subway get off at “Callao” station. Walk 3 blocks to Santa Fe Ave. Map

Please contact me to reserve your spot:




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Julian L. says:

    “An Awesome, Meaningful Experience and an Absolute Must Do on your visit to Buenos Aires”

    What a wonderfully delightful time! I absolutely loved it. Elisa is incredibly knowledgeable gained from extensive research that she will share with you in such an entertaining way that you won’t even realize how much information you are soaking up.
    She is an exceptional guide, engaging, professional and very friendly, and has a passion for the history she imparts. She really enjoys giving the tour.
    She introduced me to a Buenos Aires that I had never seen. What I learned was amazing and far more than I expected. Who knew that the European immigrants made such a contribution to Argentinian’s art.
    This terrific walking tour was culturally enriching, very educational, the sites were captivating and most importantly a memorable experience of a lifetime. I am forever appreciative.
    You also get to some parts of the city that aren’t on the standard tourist routes. (BA is just so large!).
    Above and beyond anything else, the information I received from this tour helped me to understand the culture of BA; the flavor of the city. This was one of the most interesting tour and I have ever done. My only wish is that it would be longer…. I could’ve listened to her all day. It was just amazing to listen and learn as Elisa vividly narrated delightful historical facts told in entertaining stories you’ve never learned in any history class. You will have a number of “aha’ moments as you learn the whys and hows the palaces were built.

    I have taken all of Elisa’s tours and they all exceeded my expectations. I explored BA like you would not believe. I encourage anyone visiting BA to include them in your itinerary. Don’t hesitate!
    I Highly recommend them .She always takes you to the most amazing places, she takes her time to answer your questions with a smile and takes into consideration each person’s particular interest. I was also allotted time to stop for photo ops!

    Before, I always told folks, “You have not experienced Buenos Aires until you have watched tango dancers, sipped wine and eat beef”, I now amend that statement to say, “You have not fully experienced Buenos Aires until you have taken Elisa’s tours. I truly enjoyed spending the three hours with her. Don’t miss this tour. It is fantastic!!!

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  2. Muy lindo recorrido. Muy completas las explicaciones de la Guia. Buenos Aires siempre tiene algo para descubrir. Barrios elegantes. Historia. Magia en sus calles.


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